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October 10, 2012

Naturally Nails: Essie Mojito Madness

Hey Hey,

I mentioned previously that I havent' been doing anything special with my nails, so this time, i decided to paint on some designs. Not the craziest but it's something  at the very least =) I like how it turned out xD I picked Mojito madness up randomly from a kinda over priced polish spree not too long ago.

Essie Mojito madness (Essie summer collection 2012)

My apologies that the first photo here is one taken with flash. There is actually an explanation. Bascially, I think my photographing skills are a little too noob for this colour. Try as I may, I just can't get the exact colour depiction of this polish. It ends up too green or too blue. These pictures were taken over the course of many days but regardless, I still failed miserably in capturing the true colour.

Mojito madness is a beautiful spring green creame. It's bright and IMO in the perfect shade of green, not unflatteringly yellow (I think I'm kinda picturing shrek's colour) and has just the right amount of mellow to it making this easy to pull off. Oqaue in 1 coat, nice smooth application. (I am using 1 coat here in the photo, with no top coat over hence the roughness over some areas cause I went to sleep not long after painting my nails)

I know this is SO NERDY but I can't help saying it. The sparser areas of black dots with the white peaking through kind of reminds me of mycoplasma colonies. OMG. ok Nerd moment over

The breakdown: (Supplemented with etude house white and TFS black)
1. 1 coat Mojito madness over the nails
2. Paint on 2 white diagonal stripes over the nails using a stripping brush (leave to dry completely)
3. Use a dotting tool to place black dots along the diagonal lines

Nothing to it really, simple and easy to do.

Attempts again to capture the colour by using high exposure. It actually looks more like the colour that is reflected the bottle that I'm holding 

This time with stronger lighting. OMG it suddenly hit me, could it be that I applied only 1 coat so the colour of my nails kinda messed with it when it was being photographed?! Cause, in person, 1 coat of this colour looks quite similar what it is in the bottle but perhaps that's only to the naked eye. HMMM

Under the sun.

Here's a picture of Scrangie's swatch for a truer representation of the colour

Dang I should try photographing my nails immediately after doing them or applying a top coat before photographing them so they look shiny like hers.

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