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February 07, 2011

Nail Feature: Avril Lavigne Inspired

Nails inspired by a video that was inspired by avril lavigne, if i didn't remember wrongly! I seriously cannot rmb the name of the video unfortunately! Changed up the designed a little though. DIdn't do the criss cross patter for all the nail. Too bold for my sis and I.

Hand Model courtesy of my sister who so kindly let me paint her finger nails and use my newly bought nail art brushes =)) Awesome! =) I'm really glad about the results of my "experiment". Not bad for a first timer i think?? xD

TFS: PK 101 (light pink tip), BK 901 (black lines)
Rimmel (lycra pro): 291 Urban princess (base colour)

I absolutely love this design! Edgy, random and FUN =)

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