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July 24, 2013



I've decided to change my blog site to tumblr. Plainlypicturesque
Mostly because it's much more convenient for me to instag on the go, post to tumblr stright, not ramble too much about my boring life and just keep everything short and simple! My posts are mainly about food and occasionally nails nowadays.

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A big thank you to all my readers! I know I don't have the greatest pool of readers and do not own the awesomemest blog but thank you to you for making my day :)

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May 07, 2013

Naturally Nails: Colour blocking fun~

Hey hey

So exam week’s here! O.M.G. this day has finally arrived and yet as usual, I wish there were more time. But of course, if there were more time, I would slack that extra time away in the beginning as well! So much for fruits of labour. Nonetheless, I’m still glad I’m halfway through the exams and have only 1 more paper to go. Well technically it isn’t a paper but a practical exam but whatever, the studying load is equally heavy. I must say though, that I’ve really enjoyed my mugging sessions. Mugging with friends just makes the process so much less painful. My buddles and I have bonded really well through this! What’s the best part? We sing and harmonise while studying. It’s real fun I tell you! TRY IT!

Anyways, while I take a small breather from the near impossible paper, *inhales deeply* here’s a picture of a mani I had on a while back.

Index and ring finger: Dior Nymphyea
Middle and Pink finger: Essie lilacism with Essie Set in Stone over it

I still seriously can’t get over set in stones. I mean, it really truly remidns me of diamons! The amount of sparkle on this is INSANE. I love it SO MUCH I had to get myself a backup of this because believe it or not, I’m ACTUALLY halfway through my current bottle. With the help of my mum xDxD She absolutely adores this. Applies this as a finisher to any colour she throws on her nails.

Of course I can’t neglect nymphea as well. In fact, I love it SO MUCH I have in on my toes right now. Which my friend had to mercilessly verbally insult it. He said:” OMG I just realised that your toe nails match your slippers, this is really disturbing because I feel like I can see through your toes into your slippers.” Found that really hilarious though! Never thought of it that way before.
Here’s a swatch of it from my previous post <a href="http://x3asweetaffair.onsugar.com/NOTD-Dior-307-Nymphea-Swatch-29325407">(click here)


I’ve mentioned in a couple post now that the BF really enjoys coming up with designs and ideas for my nail look so this one is again one of his works! Complete with manicure service as well. I feel really lucky! Somehow, he just got the idea that wearing complete different polish colours on each hand would prove to be a unique and different look. I must say that I almost got a heart attack when I left him to decide the colours.  Judging by how the mani came out, I must say that I’m extremely relieved and really pleasantly surprised, actually works! =) Love how the glitter top coat just pulled the whole look together.

Here’s a shot of my other hand. I typically don’t post posts of this hand because I’m really clumsy with it (despite the fact that it’s my dominant hand)! It’s better off snapping pictures that actually posting for it. Pardon the awkward unglamourous hand posture =(
This side’s design was lovely as well. Pastels ALWAYS pair well together

PS: If you were wondering about the yellow blurred out dot on my index finger, it’s actually a heart! The BF handpainted it on himself. The one on this side looks way better than the one on the other side! But I couldn’t get a good shot of it though =( Unfortunately.


As I’m writing my blogposts, I can’t help but feel a tinge of regret in me. I wish that I were a little more poetic with words and all! I really admire those who can manipulate words oh so easily. Should have read em damn books when I was younger! But it’s NOT TOO LATE! There is still room for improvement =) Somehow, at this juncture there is really SO MUCH more that I would rather be doing than studying, so many skills that I wish I had the time to hone instead of studying! But, I guess this is what we all say during the exam period. Mental thought to self:”Wait till I actually set out to learn some new skills! You just WAIT”

 3 more days to go! The end is near! Then misery and suffering can chuck themselves down the chamber of secrets until the next round of exams decides to unleash the basilisk and let history repeat itself. Jy to all of you guys taking your exams as well! Rmb, keep calm and BREATHE.

*exhales breath and holds* Off to work! (maybe? TT).
Phew, tackling such high intensity papers makes me really feel like you dont' actually have to physcially drown to know what it feels like to actually droawn. 

Thank you for reading! 
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May 01, 2013

Sugarcalifragilicious: Hiatus - I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing

Hey hey,

I'm STILL ALIVE but i'm barely breathing.

Wow it's been a good 2 weeks since I last posted. This is madness. Well, there is a great big legit reason for that. EXAMS of course, what else. It's the season of the year again, I've been in over my head buried in books and I'm still having more notes thrown at me. I still taking loads of photos of my nail doings but just haven't gotten down to posting it yet! 

Exams will be over in 2 weeks. Freedom awaits, but till then, I gotta just keep dragging my butt off my comfy bed to the desk to face the epiphany of my doom.

To those of you also preping hard for your exams. Hang in there! The end is near! I wish you ALL the best as well xD
See you guys SOON!

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April 15, 2013

Naturally Nails: Dior 307 Nymphette Swatch

Hey Hey

Know I ranted about this in my previous post but… I’m now counting down the days to my exams and things aren’t exactly looking bright and shiny for me. Ughhh..  I mean… It’s not THAT BAD but it’s not good either. I’m chasing up as best as I can but I feel that it’s a little too late. Even the slackest of people have started picking up the pace yet I’m probably still slacking life away taking it slow. Maybe that’s a good thing? MAYBE LESS STRESS IS BETTER? But for me, I’ve just given up caring. Tried so hard last year and that got me no where so why try harder only to be disappointed. I’ve decided, whatever comes comes. It’s how I’ve been living my life anyway. Whenever I don’t expect anything and just give it my all, things always find a way to make themselves better. I think I’ve reached the point of zen. I’m amazed. So here I am, writing this post and sharing my NOTW with you guys!

Dior:307 Nymphea (Dior Snow Spring 2013)

What more do I have to say? This colour is PERFECT. It’s a beautiful cross between a seafoam green and a tiffany blue. There is somehow an almost jade quality to this colour as well which make it all the more intriguing. At some angles, it almost made me think of OPI’s mermaid’s tear. This is such a refreshing colour for sore eyes, the radiance of the colour that sets it apart from the rest. I swatched similar colour at TFS and it’s not even CLOSE.

This baby is so glossy it doesn’t even need help from top coat to shine. It’s so gorgeous and worth every cent! Applied like butter, streakless and smooth and not to mention, self leveling! It’s pretty opaque on the first coat but not enough for me to get away with just 1 coat. This here is 2 coats with topcoat (because of the clutz that I am, I nicked a few areas…)

Fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. Didn’t take much after I swatched it! Just kept looking at my nails after. Unfortunately or fortunately, I proclaimed my love the polish with such ebullience to The BF that I mean, even the densest person in the world would know that I really really like this polish. Obviously though, it being a branded polish the accompanying price tag really deterred me from getting it so I just swiftly walked out of the store and never looked back. On another day, TheBf being the sweetheart that he is, he sneakily snuck off to the store just before I was about to give him his birthday present to get this polish for me as a present for our 7th anniversary. I mean, he’s supposed to be surprised not me and yet. OMG… Yup, so that’s the story of how this polish came to be.

Needless to say, I had to put this colour on immediately so I did so at the next opportunity that I had. The BF and I had a manicure competition. He believes that he can paint my nails better than I can! So he painted my right hand and I did my left. Must say that he’s gotten pretty good at nail painting, few streaks and few spillage over the paronychias!! Since I’ve been at this for a much longer while than him, mine turned out better though. Nonetheless, I’m just pretty darn happy that he even wanted help me with my manicure =))

Thank you for reading! 
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April 07, 2013

Naturally Nails: Jelly French Mani


I have to make a terrible confession =( I’ve been on an online shopping roll, it’s kinda BAD. I’ve always told myself that I would NEVER BUY SHOES ONLINE because you never know about the sizing but I caved in on the Lovebonito’s fanning flats. It’s royal blue, how could I resist. And again on the Loveschues Nude flat cos…. My nude shoes GAVE WAY. What a convenient excuse for retail therapy. Hence I’ve again decided to try to ban myself from shopping. So far it’s been going good. I DIDN’T BUY A SINGLE THING EVEN THOUGH I WENT TO VIVO YTD. Instead, I’ve been trying to keep fit and WENT CYCLING YTD. Hoorah!!

Anyways, here’s my NOTW

Base: Paul Joe base coat
Tips: OPI I eat mainly lobster and Etude house jelly red colour over
Highlight: TFS GL 111

I was feeling really “jellish” recently so here’s what I come up with! I don’t know about you guys but there’s something about jellies that really attract me. I can’t get enough of them. Maybe it’s the you can almost see me but you can’t thing. I don’t know but they are my ultimate weakness. Not like I have loads of jellies though which is weird. But the ones that I have a ADORE.

My sister absolutely loathes how people just paint clear coat over their nails and passes it off as a nail look. I agree to that to a certain extent I would say. For people who have really pigmented lanulas (the “halfmoon” whitish thing at the base of the nails which actually serve as a growth plate for the nails) it’s not that awesome because well, it’s like your nails are naked aren’t they? I for one, don’t have visible lanulas so you can’t really tell if I have a natural polish on or a base coat on, unless of course you press on my nails or if I have terribly polish stained nails. Nonetheless, the base coat I donned on here which was kindly given to me by my aunt has a natural pigmentation to it so, that’s not my natural nail colour.

The breakdown:
1. Natural sheer colour all over the nails (Paul Joe base coat)
2. Using an opaque coral colour, paint on a slant tip (I eat mainly lobster)
3. Go over the colour tip with a jelly polish (Etude house jelly red)
4. Augment and neaten the edges of the slant tip with a gold shimmer polish (TFS GL111)

There you have it! I used a small brush to paint on the tips and a striping brush to outline the tip.

I can’t express my love for I eat mainely lobster. I love it so much! Partially because part of my name’s in there but mostly because it’s such a gorgeous colour. Check out my swatch here (click here)

On a grimmer note, exams are in a month. This is scaring the crap out of me, yet I don’t feel stressed enough to study. I’m DOOMED and not to mention, I complete and outright slacker. ZZZZ. BTW I would also like to mention that I would rather clear my closet than study. GG MAX….

Thank you for reading! 
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